A Beautiful Redemption Story

A Beautiful Redemption Story

By Yinyan Huang

My name is Yinyan and our Good News Made Clear group recently learned how to share the gospel using two hands and a phone as a sharing tool. Feiyan, part of our study group called to ask if I would go with her to see Junru, a friend who was troubled about something unusual that happened. Feiyan and Yinyan both felt burdened to share the Good News with Junru that day.

Junru was concerned about a sugar lid that was inexplicably broken by what she thought was a ghost in her kitchen. Genuinely worried, she continued to ask who did that and why it happened to her. Yinyan said “God sent Feiyan and me here to share with you that He wants you to know Him. Do you want to hear it?” She said yes.

Feiyan and Yinyan shared with her that the spiritual world is real, there is Satan, God, demons and, angels, and Junru has a precious soul that God wants to save. God loves her and wants her soul saved. Junru kept saying, “I have lived my whole life and nothing like this has happened to me! My husband and I are highly educated but I can’t explain it! I believe there are ghosts but don’t believe there is God.

Yinyan shared that God has mercy and grace for her and wants her to understand spiritual things she didn’t know before. She has a precious soul that lives on after her body dies. Without being saved her soul would be eternally lost, separated from the true, good, beautiful God. God has a gracious wonderful gift of salvation for her. “God sent Feiyan and me here to share with you. Do you want to hear it?” She said yes.

Yinyan shared with Junru that sin separates her from God using two hands and a phone. Junru listened quietly and said “I think I am a good person, I never lied and never did anything that harmed others.” Feiyan shared that bad attitudes toward others count as sin too. Yinyan shared that being jealous and selfish is sin. and All have sinned and there is not even one “good person”. Now Junru said “Oh there is not even one Good Person!” “You are right Junru, all of us have sinned and need a Savior.”

Yinyan opened Feiyan’s Bible to John chapter 3 and told the story of Nicodemus, the scholar who didn’t know about how to be saved. She seemed interested and heard the whole chapter without interrupting. At the end Yinyan read 3:16 and 17 with Junru’s name in there and by this time she doesn’t look scared anymore. 

Yinyan asked do you believe Jesus died on the cross and takes away your sins? Would you like to receive God’s gift of salvation by believing? Junru said “Of course I want it! I would be a fool if I don’t!”

Now she has a big smile on her face and she has peace. Feiyan said your face looks totally different than when we first saw you! 

We left Junru’s house with great joy! Praise God for His marvelous mercy and grace! and Thank you Jon and Peggy for the great tools and encouragement!

(Junru is 77, raised in China, came to the US in 1985)

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